Ali Gordon

The Benefits of caffeine


In Training there are two approaches I take pre work out, most of the time I turn to PhD Nutiritons VMX2 pre stacked with a couple of lean degree tablets, Possibly the best combo I have ever used to give me that energy kick I love before a huge training session. The second alternative that seems to be the choice on weekends or whilst I am away is the good old power coffee, double shot espresso of course, the cappuccino just photographed better. It’s also a nice opportunity for me and Lydia to catch up and enjoy the bar area at David Lloyd theres a really nice warm atmosphere & the coffee is pretty good too.

So we all know why I would use a pre workout stimulant the effects are very noticible the energy runs wild inside & the Beta-Analine causes tingles on the skin its a much more apparent kick start than a coffee gives. So why coffee well firstly I believe that tolerances can build up to the same old routine switching up diets, supplements & training programmes is essential to keeping the progression we all mostly strive for, so the odd coffee here and there for me I feel is beneficial to my routine, also coffee can be very convenient, all David Lloyd health clubs have a bar which sells coffee, so even if I forget my pre the club always has me covered with the option of coffee, we all know that caffeine is a stimulant. It increases alertness and wards off drowsiness temporarily, which means that you can perform certain tasks for longer. Also caffeine boosts your metabolism slightly by kick starting the process of lipolysis, which is when your body releases free fatty acids into the bloodstream. This occurs when your body is breaking down your fat stores to convert it into energy this helps you burn fat. So not only am I benefiting from the energy boost my coffee gives but it’s also helping to aid fat loss which is a win win in my eyes.

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