Ali Gordon

The best fat burning cardio

What is HIIT
Plainly, HIIT is a form of cardio where periods of high intensity cardio are cycled with periods of low intensity for an average time of 15-20 minutes. This style of cardio can be applied to any type of cardio from running, jumping jacks, circuits, kettle bells or if you have the minerals, battle ropes. While a person performing steady state cardio such as walking at four miles an hour might be able to cover the same distance as you do or even a tad more, the effects of HIIT are far more pronounced and use much more glycogen than adipose tissue during the period, so I understand. It is also a great time saver.
What is LISS
Low intensity steady state cardio is exactly what it sounds like, either a walk or a slow jog is sustained over any period of time i like to rock it for 30mins ( just my preference). The main appeal of LISS is the fact that because of the lower intensity there is generally more fat oxidation during exercise than glycogen consumption. The only direct problems I have with LISS is that it is too time consuming to be used on its own all the time and it’s not fun (for me at least). I like to do LISS as It isn’t as growling on the body as HIIT  but mentally my brain turns into a spud, as the time passes a mundane thought process runs through my head, which some of my close friends may say no change there but seriously It’s about as fun as watching paint dry…
 So after a brief introduction to the two most popular styles of cardio the decision as to what one suits you best is down to your own trial and error, I strongly feel a combination of both works best for me, physically and mentally. Your training needs to be sustainable and if you hate what your doing chances are you won’t stick at it. What style is most effective? well I’m no scientist so I can’t answer that and to be honest I think they all have there knickers in a twist around the whole subject anyway, be your own science no one knows your body as much as you do.

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