Ali Gordon

The perfect sunday

The weekends fly by so quick so we have to make the most of this time to relax & enjoy some time out from the stresses of everyday life. I love nothing more than heading down to David Lloyd for a peaceful spa day, one of the biggest perks with being apart of a luxury gym is the facilities they offer. David Lloyd holds a stunning indoor & outdoor swimming pool, Sauna, steam room, hot beds & jacuzzi, Given the mental and physical stresses we put our bodies under constantly there is nothing better than to re fresh the mind & re energise the body. I try and get into the Spa as often as I can as I always leave feeling revitalised. For me the benefits of using the facilities are vital in maintaining the healthy lifestyle I work hard at.

There are a few reasons why I actually use the spa and beside the stated above hydrotherapy can be beneficial to the relief of aching joints & muscles, a combination of warm water & hydro power causes the blood vessels in the skin & underlying tissue to dilate, the increased blood flow allows the cells to take in more oxygen and nutrition whist removing waste substances, as a result of this process the tiered and aching muscles are relaxed and restored, another benefit I find from spending time in the spa is the glow my skin gets after a visit my pores feel clear & skin cleansed. So not only is my mind relaxed but my muscles and joints pampered & skin left feeling band new. – AG

Health & Fitness Club – David Lloyd      Swim Short – Machine Fitness     FlipFlops – Nike