Ali Gordon


“The most dangerous drinking game is seeing how long I can go without drinking coffee”

This is scarily accurate! 
I’m sure I’m not the only one and I’m so confident that a number of you out there love your coffee that I decided a coffee post was long overdue. Today’s post is going to cover some interesting coffee brands I think are worth considering and looking into.

It’s great when you really prep your coffee and put in the time with ground or beans. It feels more cared for and that care (in my view) is always represented in your enjoyment. Whilst pods and instant can always do the job, and there are many that taste good, it’s not quite the same thing and taking that extra time and using products of that extra quality makes all the difference.

Up first we have Cohiba Cuban Coffee. The world famous Cuban cigar brand Cohiba have a great rich coffee available with really nice cocoa undertones. From what I’ve read it’s grown on a world heritage site, the only coffee plantation to be a world heritage site so it’s fair to say it’s unique and steeped in history. Rich and Earthy, this coffee can be low in supply because of the unique conditions in which it’s grown SO if you get a chance to try some I recommend you take it. A great pick for those Cafetiere mornings. 

Up second we have Kiss The Hippo Coffee, a wonderful gift from a friend of mine. Their cafes are home to the 2018, 2019 & 2020 UK Barista Champions. I’m not sure the 2021 award has been given out yet and if it hasn’t I would think it’s fair to assume they are in the running again. I also implore you to check out their website as they offer everything a coffee lover can want. You can explore their pods, different blends, subscription services and taster packs. In particular Kiss The Hippo seem to be experts in flavoured coffees. Check out there Donna blend…caramel, dark chocolate, pecan. 

Up third we have Clifton Coffee Roasters. Like Kiss the Hippo, it’s worth checking out their website as there is so much on offer. The blend in the picture above is their Colombia Decaf with the flavours toffee, cashew nut & citrus. I like to be careful how much caffeine I have in the afternoon and when there are brands like Clifton offering great tasting decaf it helps a lot. I’m also aware that the sourcing of products has become more and more important over the years and on the Clifton site you can follow the process almost step by step with a huge amount of information on where it is sourced from and what is involved in each stage of the creation.

For those of you who enjoy a cafe mocha or mocaccino I couldn’t suggest That Cake chocolate flakes enough, they’re simply perfect for the job or as a straight up hot chocolate.

Over time I’ve realised that coffee is something I enjoy daily and with that in mind it’s more than justified to put more time, energy and research into the quality of the products you are using and also experimenting to find what suits your tastes best.

Let me know coffee brands you recommend over on my IG post that supports this blog post and as always take care and stay safe.

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