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Today’s post is focused on alcoholic beverages. Over the years I’ve been introduced to some great brands in the world of spirits with vastly different flavour profiles. Everyone is different and the way you find your favourite is to try something different every now and again and also probably quite overlooked is the mixology aspect of spirits, whilst I’ve stuck to a few of my favourites in todays post that I would identify as classic mixers the world of beverages can really expand beyond our imaginations and create a completely different experience whilst enjoying the same spirit.

Below I wanted to share some of the cocktails that have taken my fancy in the last few years.

Let’s get to it:

Up first it is Tequila straight. Now if I told a 20-22 year old me that this would be something I would enjoy casually in an evening from time to time I would never have believed me. However, some of the new Tequila brands coming out have incredible flavour and if you mix with a bit of lemon I find it brings out the really distinctive taste of the drink. The picture here is Teremana Tequila which a lot of you I’m sure will recognise as Dwanye Johnson’s Tequila. The man has done his research and produced a high quality tequila that boosts a very smooth drinking experience. If you keep an eye on his IG you’ll see some great glasses he uses when he has his tequila and he also shows off some of the great food he has to accompany the drink. As I say there are lots of tequila brands coming on the market so keep an eye out and see what takes your fancy. I think I’ve seen that Kendall Jenner is releasing one soon in fact.

The glass I’m using here which may have caught your eye is Tom Dixon (available at Selfridges). It’s a beautiful design.

Up next is the Negroni. Not sure I knew what this drink was for a long time. I would hear people say it and just nod. It’s only since having been to a few parties of the last few years where people have ordered it that I have become more inquisitive. It’s in fact a really simple drink to make. You add same parts Gin, Vermouth Rosso & Campari and stir. I’ve been told it’s best to garnish with a slice of orange and serve on the rocks. The key part is to stir the ingredients together. Don’t shake…or so I understand it. Truth be told, taste is such a personal thing that I say do what you like and what I write here is only what I have come to like based on what I’ve tried. Negronis are not for the faint hearted I absolutely hated this drink when I first tried it, I stuck with it and as your taste buds settle into it over time you can really appreciate the drink for what it is.

On to a classic and it’s the Martini. I thought I would look cool and suave with a glass of Martini in my hands but before I knew it I was wearing half the drink because let’s face it drinking out of these glasses is an art form. The mix is 1 part Dry Vermouth and 6 parts Gin. If you put it all together in a shaker with some ice you can either shake or stir (and go down the full James Bond route). Top it off with lemon garnish or olives ( my preference ) . I think the key is to use a really good Gin. 44N is French based gin and in my opinion up there as one of the best gins I’ve ever tasted I would also send a nod towards monkey 47 & the Cotswolds distillery Gins. I personally keep gins in the freezer I’m not sure if this is advised or not to be honest but it certainly pleases me whilst enjoying my refreshment. 

Another classic in its own right is the Vodka Tonic. This I remember from training days back when I used to do a lot more gym and exercise than I do now. Whilst drinking is completely cut out in the run up to shoots, before then if you are looking at low calorie drinks the Vodka & (Diet) Tonic is a great choice in my opinion. Keeping things simple, it’s one part Vodka and the rest tonic. Experiment with your levels of spirit to find just that right balance that suits you. It’s about you finding what you like. Like with all mixers, when there is a spirit involved the better the quality the better the drink (in my opinion). Here I’ve used Beluga who I think of as one of the top Vodka brands. The taste speaks for itself.

Finally we are on to an evening favourite for many people, the Rum and Coke. I have to start by saying you can’t go wrong with Bacardi. Whilst I’m sure there are great Rum’s out there I’ve never been disappointed with a Bacardi and Rum mix. Outside of the taste, I really love the branding and the look of the bottles , they make a great show piece for the bar cart.

But anyway, onto the ingredients. The Rum and Coke is for a wide base tumbler, one part Rum and the rest coke. Add a large ice cube. Garnish with Lime. Gently stir. There you go.

I hope you found this interesting. Coming up soon I will go through some of the Whiskeys that have come across my radar over the last few years and in the meantime let me know if there are any brands you think I should be trying or I should review on here.

As always, stay safe.

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