Ali Gordon


“ If you can’t do the little things right, you will never do the big things right” – feel like this is definitely something you come to realise more and more with age.

I’m assuming some of you will have seen the Army General YouTube clip that talks about making your bed and this is the point I’m focusing on in today’s post. I think it’s particularly poignant with lockdown coming to an end and restrictions easing.

It’s been easy to lose routine and possibly even develop bad habits. In the crazy situation we have been through no one can possibly be blamed for developing bad habits or losing structure/routine. It’s been about coping and getting through it. However, now we are looking to get back to more normal practice. It can be really difficult to build that routine again and getting back to having an active social life.

I’ve discovered that the trick is to start by doing the little things right. Following the Army General’s advice. It’s amazing how each little things done right suddenly adds up to the wider goal. Focus on making small steps towards change rather than facing it all at once because let’s face it anything of scale can be daunting.  Hold on to the new learnings and joys and make some room for the future that awaits us. Whether it be reconnecting with your social life or taking on a new hobby such as Gardening or a Sport take it steps by step before you know it you will be pleasantly advanced without the potential anxiousness change can provoke.

Will Smith talks about this in an interview somewhere. He mentions how his Dad taught him how to build a wall but rather than focus on building an entire wall the focus was on placing each brick perfectly. Once you’ve done this you place the next brick perfectly and you keep going. Before long you have that wall.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by a daunting task and I’m prone to sometimes looking for the shortcut and seeing where it can be done easiest and most efficiently. More often than not that method works for me but sometimes and especially if it is something I keep putting off what it really needs is for me to start doing the little parts of it right and building from there.

Take care and stay safe

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