Ali Gordon


Finally the new office is ready! Completed and perfectly styled, I couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out. The new space has me really excited for future content that can be shot in here but more importantly from a functional perspective I’m looking forward to working in here. There’s a really calm feel to the interior that I think is going to really help on the more stressful days.

Our house is a modern take on a traditional country home and our challenge has been marrying up the modern elements of our home with the more traditional features. This room is the beginning of that synergy.

The best way to describe this room would be as a modern take on a traditional and old school gentleman’s office. I’ve always seen offices like this online and I’ve always dreamt of having an environment to work in like it. The idea was to create a space that would age gracefully as I hope I do also haha. The wear & tear should add to the character of the room over the years rather than make it look more tired and in need of a refresh. 

The old and worn books are a feature I’m particularly happy with as they really bring home that traditional feel to the room, Lauren sourced these from antique stores locally.

As I say I’m really happy with how this has all come together, Lydia & the team have exceeded my expectations. If this is to continue throughout the house I’m really looking forward to seeing what is created over the coming year, all I can say is I know this project has been in the pipe line now for quite some time but it’s been well worth the wait. It feels like a room for fit for a glass of Whisky & a Cuban Cigar.

If there is anything you’d like to know about the new office then feel free to drop me a DM on my Instagram or comment on the supporting IG post. I’m keen to know your thoughts. Before I sign off a note to mention my desktop is now situated on the desk alongside all of my equipment and tools to fulfil my job. I’ve organised my belongings within the draws and cupboards and I will be sharing a more in depth look at the space over on my YouTube this Wednesday.

As always stay safe.

The Features:

Interior Studio by Lauren Caisely – HERE 

Desk – is inspired by antique partner desks – HERE 

Bookcase – is a bespoke build solid oak bookcase by the joiner

 Harris tweed Armchair upholstered – HERE  

Accessories – vintage LV trunk – HERE 

Desk Chair – is an antique captains chair

Room Fragrance – HERE 

Rug – is from bespoke crucial trading – HERE

Paint – the colour is ‘fired earth cobble’ – HERE

Cushions – Bespoke

Antique Antlers