Ali Gordon


“Nothing ever seems too bad, too hard or too sad when you’ve got a Christmas Tree in the living room”

…and that is exactly what we have been off doing in the Millen-Gordon Household. It’s the season!

I was looking for a quote about Christmas Trees because I don’t know about everyone else but the tree sitting in your living room all decorated and perfectly arranged is the real start of that Christmas feeling. You really do get a warm feeling of happiness just by looking at your festive creation.

I won’t ignore that decorating the thing can have it’s stresses and there’s often a few disagreements about what goes where (which I always lose) but the Christmas tree brings that Christmas feeling to life and you feel that you are well and truly on the path towards Christmas Day.

I think it’s true of outside the house as well. When you walk around any city or local village and you see the trees with the decorations glowing at night it really does pick up your spirits. I’m voting the Christmas tree as the best Christmas symbol…clear winner! What’s yours?


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