Ali Gordon


“Never fail to appreciate someone who cares for you.” Just because they’re always in your life to help in some way, never fail to give thanks or recognition. To value someone or something too lightly is a risk no one should take.

I think we can all agree that being appreciated is one of life’s greatest feelings. Whether it is being appreciated as a person or appreciated for something you do it’s a great feeling. Given how great this feels to you as an individual it’s a healthy reminder to us all that we should show our appreciation to those around us who provide so much to our lives.

It’s often prompted by an occasion where gifts are “meant” to be given but sometimes it can just be a nice thing to do…a nice thing that shows you care. So, the next time you are out or shopping online maybe whilst you are browsing keep in mind getting something (big or small) for someone in your life who you truly appreciate for what they do for you.

Within this it can be easy to think of appreciation as being shown through gift giving, however I think just letting someone know that you really appreciate them or something they do can be equally if not more powerful.

The last year has put things into perspective for a lot of us and it’s never a bad thing to recognise those you care about by showing them your appreciation.

Take care and stay safe.

Photographed at Daylesford Farm – HERE 

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