Ali Gordon


The Silver Bullet – “refers to an action which cuts through complexity and provides an immediate solution to a problem. The allusion is to a miraculous fix, otherwise portrayed as waving a magic wand”

This phrase was introduced to me recently and it was in the context of learning about new things, making decisions and dealing with tough situations. 


I’m an advocate of the idea that in order to understand a new industry, a business or a theory of some sort (or anything along these lines) is to understand it from top to bottom and in order to make a decision or decisively deal with tough situations you need all the facts or as much information as you can. This takes time and energy and a lot of patience. I have applied this to my work when it comes to Lightroom editing and photoshop for example.

This becomes difficult though when the information is complex or you struggle to understand something. This also becomes complex when you are making a decision and you are trying to get all the information possible to make the right choice.

The information you can access now is endless. Everyone has an opinion and everyone has something that you ‘need to know’. You see people running courses on topics that they claim to have been successful in only to realise that their success is running a course selling this information…the accuracy of the information or it’s relevance to what you are trying to understand is up for debate. Either way every bit of information you can find can be countered by an information overload from elsewhere.

“Take this option”, “why not to take this option” “why you need the new option” – these are the sorts of buzzwords that grab any of us trying to educate ourselves and better our understanding. I think there definitely has developed a market for thriving on people’s more pure desire to know more and in that market or environment there hasn’t been much to necessarily verify the accuracy of this information.

The reason why the phrase ‘The Silver Bullet’ came into the conversation was because we are all looking for that one piece of information that helps to understand something or make the decision simple. Now I know this one piece of information I can choose this option. However, this I believe is our lazy sides coming out and the truth is that if it is worth knowing then it is likely complex.

If it is worth understanding then it is likely going to take time to understand. We should enjoy the process and we should be striving to learn more and continually keep understanding things further. We can never be sure and we can never be 100% but we can decide and understand from what we know to the best of our ability without filling in the blank spots or the unknown parts with whatever we make-up or choose.

We crave the silver bullet as it would make things easy. We want the silver bullet because we are all desperate to understand but I’m starting to accept that the lack of the silver bullet is the point. It’s supposed to be hard and it’s supposed to take time…otherwise everyone would do it. 

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