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Autumn Skin Care | Letting you in on my new secret

My morning and evening routines have had a bit of an upgrade recently where I’ve introduced a number of new products in to the mix, most notably being the high end skincare supplement, Imedeen. What is it? Why am I taking it? And how will I benefit?

In todays post, as the Autumn/Winter season approaches,  I’m talking all things skin care and what better time than now to get organised for the harsh conditions we know are just around the corner. However, a good skincare regime starts from within not just with the lotions and potions you put on the surface.  I recently discovered that the Dermis is the middle layer of your skin and essentially contains the skins supporting structure. Collagen, Elastin & Water combined give the epidermis, your skin, a firm layer to lay on, creating a smoother, perfected appearance. But as we age our dermis losses it’s youthful structure and Collagen levels gradually decrease, causing our skin to sag, wrinkle & age. Imagine a mattress that has a few broken springs, your mattress cover is going to show the signs of weaker support, Imedeen increases Collagen density which in turn gives a firmer stronger Dermis creating a better bed for your epidermis to lay on.

Me telling you this is all well and good but know doubt you want cold hard facts this product actually works and that’s exactly what I am going to give you. So as part of this collaboration I am going to be showing you my collagen levels both before & after three months of taking Imedeen, so keep an eye out in the near future where I will be showcasing both my scans for comparison, I’m not going to lie I feel a little bit naked. Also If any of you guys would like to take a free skin scan of your own then please click the Link HERE.

Or to find out more on Imedeen click HERE and find out more.

Now we have the foundations of good skin covered, it’s time to make sure our skin is kept in its best condition possible. The wind and rain in Autumn is seldom forgiving on your skin, therefore I always ensure I give as much protection as possible. I achieve this by using rich and hydrating creams regularly on my skin. To tackle the skin on my face effectively I opt for the L’oreal intensive 24hr face cream, it’s a lot thicker than my everyday moisturiser, acting almost like a barrier and keeping me protected throughout the day. Then I opt for the Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand balm, in these conditions my hands take a real beating and I find they easily dry out and crack, so this product has become a bit of essential in my skincare regime as it gets colder. And finally, the Aesop Rejuvenate body balm is one of the more expensive moisturisers on the market however the price is reflected in the quality. Aesop are a brilliant premium brand that has been well worth the eye watering price tag in my experience.

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This post is in collaboration with Imedeen however all views are my own.