Ali Gordon

Beard care routine

Beard wash

During the day our facial hair can collect dirt and become greasy. I love starting each day with a refreshing shower where I have recently also started applying the featured beard wash big boy kindly sent out for me to try. I simply apply the wash by massaging into my beard & rinsing off with warm water. My facial hair is left cleansed soft & delicately scented.

Beard Balm

After I have cleansed I would highly recommend massaging a beard balm into your facial hair, The balms oils will soften & condition the hair leaving a nice texture which visually will leave your beard looking healthy & well groomed, no one needs a scruffy beard.

Soothing Drops

For sensitive, irritated or aftershave the soothing drops are the perfect way to ease of the discomfort facial hair can cause, simply massaging the droplet into your beard and allow the lotion to absorb into your skin will leave you feeling free & refreshed. Finally finish off the routine with a spray of Eau De Toilette my choice of the week L’Homme Ideal by Guerlain.

These three easy steps consistently applied will improve the image and health of your beard, personally It never crossed my mind to have a beard care routine I just assumed because I keep my stubble short & tidy it wouldn’t benefit me, How I was so wrong, I noticed the difference instantly after the first application, it’s only a subtle difference however an improvement none the less. Let me know if you guys have tried out any beard grooming products yourselves I would love to know what works for you & products you rave about.  – AG

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