Ali Gordon

FIT skin

For you guys who follow me on social media channels you probably can tell I enjoy a life full or health, fitness & wellbeing, I spend 75% of my time doing something active if not more. Active lifestyles are great they can improve overall health no end however it can be wearing on your skin, outdoor runs and activities in all kinds of weather conditions take a toll after so long, I have been recently trying this luxury moisturising ultra serum by FIT It claims to hydrate, repair, protect & refresh skin with a non greasy effect, And I can certainly support that, it also smells so nice. I have been applying the serum once in the morning upon waking & again after my evening training session before bed. I know the importance of keeping my skin hydrated and moisturised to help maintain a youthful appearance. the serum is stacked with a vitamin profile to fuel your skin with a huge amount of benefits which I love, it also contains hyaluronic Acid & vigna aconitifolia seed extract which helps reduce fine lines again makes this product so attractive to me. Genuinely really impressed with the FIT serum and its so handy to take away with its light weight sleek slim tube. I have supplied a link for you guys below as always. enjoy, invest in the skin your in. РAG

FIT Skincare – Ultra Serum