Ali Gordon

how to perfect the designer stubble

Cut Throat –  Dovo Solingen    Shaving cream – Taylor of the old bond street     Lather Brush – Anthony Logistics      Moisturiser – Neils Yard Remedies     Clippers –  Philips    Aftershave – Hugo Boss
Male grooming has fast become an essential aspect to every gentlemans day, and men everywhere are taking more and more pride in there appearance. I wanted to share my morning routine from tools to products right through to the tricks I like to use to complete the perfect finish to my stubble.
Every mans style of shaving will come with a different approach & products which work best them. I hear it so often that guys can’t wet shave because it irritates there skin or causes a rash and almost every single man that relays this will say they use a standard 3/4 blade shaver with aerosol foam. Now I’m not saying these products are duff or worthless because as I stated before everyone will have the products and tools that work best for them. For me my skin was sensitive to multi blade razors i found they did leave me with slight irritation & didn’t give me that sleek clean cut finish I desired. When got in contact with me I took some time to do some research and read some of there fantastic shaving guides online. After endless webpages and Youtube reviews I put together a fast effective way to shave that would give me that end result I had been searching for;
The Prep
I like to take a hot shower before I shave and let the hot water pour over my face for a minute or so after cleansing. If i don’t have time for this i run a towel under hot water, ring out the excess water, then apply to my face for 10 seconds and repeat the process a few times.
The Cut
Drying off the water with a fresh towel I take to the clippers to reach my desired hair length, I run the clippers over my stubble to create an even balance over the beard I tend to have a larger concentrated area of hair growth around my moustache & chin area, I take extra care trying to keep the stubble consistent all over.
The Cream
Now I am cut to length I apply my shaving cream which is paramount in achieve an exceptional finish. Currently my favourite cream is Taylor Of The Old Bond Street, The St. James collection “Luxury”. The cream is really easy to lather up directly onto the face with a brush so you don’t need to worry about a mixing bowl, this softening process leaves the skin with a fresh feel and a slight fragrance.
The Prime
Now the whiskers are standing on end I am ready to create the clean cut finish to define my stubble’s shape. I pull my skin taught with my free hand this allows a smooth shaving surface to glide over with the blade, Poised recommend holding the blade at a 30 degree angle to your skin (trust me you will know what a 30 degrees is when you apply the blade to your face, haha) I start to shave with slow careful strokes, the most vulnerable time whilst using the cut throat is on initial contact with the skin so take extra care during this stage, remember to shave in the direction of hair growth, going against the growth can cause ingrown hairs and irritation, I rinse my blade every couple of strokes in hot water to allow a clean pass over my skin. Running the blade around the edges of my stubble really finishes off the look & creates a sharp finish.
The Finish
Rinse of any excess cream with warm water. I then run the tap cold & rinse my face with cold water to close my pores leaving my skin feeling fresh. At this stage it is time to Moisturise there are many aftershave balms and creams but I have found a normal facial moisturiser works wonders, I turn to Neils Yard Organic Moisturiser keeping your skin soft and moist after a shave is essential no one wants that dry stiff feeling your skin gets after a wet shave. Finish off the process with a splash of your favourite after shave here I have some HugoBoss courtesy of the Perfume shop They have this sleek LTD edition bottle that doesn’t just smell good, it looks good to!
Last of all enjoy your shave, I know it can seem a bit of a chore, but if you take the time to enjoy the shave you will get the perfect shaving experience! Treat yourself this Christmas with some gentleman’s products from they won’t disappoint.