Ali Gordon

Mens Daily Skin Care | Face Essentials

Regardless of your wishes the winter season will be taking a toll on your skin, the harsh weather conditions will leave your skin feeling tight & dry and for those even more unfortunate a little flakey, in particular your face as it’s so exposed all the time. For that single reason alone I can’t stress more how important it is take 5minutes out of your day in the morning and evening to apply a little TLC to your face.

Rather than focusing on products you shouldn’t use lets take a look at products you should. I’m going to keep this routine to the bare essentials & I suggest applying this structure daily.

Face Wash 

It seems so obvious yet commonly over looked to simply invest in a bottle of your favourite face wash to help cleanse the skin before applying your moisturisers, The cleaner the skin the fresher you will feel & the less likely you are to attain a family of unfriendly black heads & spots on your face. I use warm water to lather in the product and rinse off. My top tip here is to wash your face under running water. I am using a conveniently sized Clinique face wash during my travels to Marrakech in the image above.


Completely adopted by women all over the world so many of you guys still skip moisturising. It isn’t just about keeping those wrinkles at bay, Moisturising will help lock in moisture on a daily basis leaving the skin soft & hydrated. It’s kind of important to keep that good looking face of yours at the top of its game. I recommend applying a moisturiser with a moist face so it doesn’t completely dry your skin after cleansing, the moisturising creme will lock in that moisture for the day ahead and keep you looking youthful.

Eye Creme

Eye cremes are possible the best thing that happened to my grooming routine in 2016. I could not live without them now. I noticed a huge improvement with the fullness under my eyes, personally I find the skin under my eyes tightened the most during the polar conditions & an eye creme being more intense kept the skin completely hydrated for the duration of my day. I have tried out so many & can confidently recommend any of the below.

Clinique for men offer a very suave range of product and quality to suit. I particular found this collection very convenient for my travels.

I hope you enjoyed the post & please let me know what products rock your world right now?