Ali Gordon

My Quick Hair Routine

A quick easy hair routine for everyday.

After a shower whilst my hair is still wet I will brush my hair into the direction I wish for it to be shaped. I apply my face moisturisers & then begin to blow dry my hair into position. As I run the brush through my hair the hair dryer follows closely behind, This process will give the hair volume & shape as it sets the style. After My hair has had a blow dry I will grab my styler comb and hair spray, Simple running the styler through my hair as I would my fingers & apply the spray, use the styler to shape & create a natural direction of hair flow throughout.

I regularly have my hair cut by a local barber Greg who runs and owns Gregory max barbers, I ask Greg to clipper my sides with a 0.5mm setting and to keep a low fade running up to the top where I like to keep length, I keep my fade slightly lower than normal to keep weight on the edges of my head as it creates a nicer shape, I trim my beard with a 2.5mm setting using a beard trimmer & shape the edges with a cut throat razor, I like my cuts to be sharp and neat, So keeping on top of my hairs length is so important. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as I intend on doing more in depth routines I use whilst styling my hair. you can find all product links as or similar as featured below – AG

Hair Dryer – Here     Hair Brush – Here     Hair Comb (Styler) – Here     Hair Spray – Here