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Your skin can really knock your confidence and just like a good approach to physical fitness your skincare needs a regimen and consistency but it also needs the right structures in place to be effective. By this I mean diet, routine, application etc.

Note/Disclaimer: I am fully aware that skincare is different for each individual person and that what has worked for me may not work for you or people you know. When it comes to the use of new products it is always worth doing your research, putting in the time to learn more and then finding out what works for you. That is how I have been able to find what is working for me.

With this in mind I’ve split this post into two parts. The first part will be about things you can do to improve your skin that don’t involve the direct application of products. These will be acts you can implement into your life in general that could make a difference. Then for the second part I will cover the use of products and this will focus on the Brand QMS who those of you that have recently seen my Instagram channel will know I have collaborated with.

Now I want to stress that the reason for QMS’s inclusion is that I was really struggling with my skin earlier this year and at the beginning of when we moved into lockdown. One day I received some products from QMS and thought it was worth a try having not found anything to solve the drk skin, flair ups and redness that were occuring on my face. For me these products worked because simply they solved these issues. They’ve been highly effective and I will go into more detail on them further on. After publishing My Current Morning Routine over on my Youtube channel It came about that QMS wanted to further educate me on their products and of course with the positive results I have had I was very keen to advocate their products to. Part of this collaboration involved speaking with their expert team who broke down what I needed to change and implement. This opened my eyes to skincare in a way that I can only equate to when you first work with a PT at the gym. A PT will give you exercise and technique that drastically improves your performance and results. This was the same with the skincare experts at QMS and is why I make the comparison of skincare to your physical fitness.

So let’s jump into what I’ve learned about what can help your skincare outside of the application of products. 

Rule number 1 – what you put in your body (your diet) is hugely important. Now I know this may seem obvious but it is arguably integral. When experts are asked how to get the best results in the gym they will most likely tell you it starts with diet and that without getting your diet right you won’t see the best results. Skincare is the same. It is extremely important to get the right vitamins and minerals into your body and to make sure you are hydrated. If you are lacking in the right ingredients and are not hydrated then your skin will replicate this.

Rule Number 2 – Whilst these are products they are not directly applied to your face so adding probiotics and collagens here can be very helpful in providing your body with what it needs to give you better skin. Look into these and see what may help you.

Part 2 – The application of products. As highlighted above with the gym analogy, a product based skincare routine won’t be effective unless you give your skin what it needs in order to allow the products to work. Examples of this include your body having the right hydration so that moisturisers can be effective.

If you are doing this then you should start to explore the below:

QMS Hydrating boost spray – this helps to balance out the PH in your skin. As I understand this, the PH for your skin should range between 4.7-5.75. Too Alkaline and the skin will look flaky and with patches of redness. Too acidic and some research seems to suggest that there is an increased chance of inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and acne. I find that this hydrating boost spray gives a really fresh feeling. I have it on my desk for every now and then when I feel my skin needs it. 

Application: Just simply hold an arms length from your face and spray to cover face whilst keeping your eyes closed.

Day & Night serum – really helps to soothe irritated and sensitive skin
Application: smother over a cleansed face day and night and then follow with your preferred moisturiser

Deep Gentle cleanser – this helps to make sure your pores don’t get clogged and helps to protect the skin from future dryness and irritation. 

Application: this is quite important to get right. You can apply morning and evening and even over the eye area but make sure you are working in the product to your skin using circular hand movements. Then remove either with a damp sponge or plenty of water. 

Redness relief complex – the best thing about this is that it offers anti-inflammatory relief and this product in particular was helping in combating my dryness, redness and flair ups.
Application: Apply to a cleansed face and follow with your preferred moisturiser

Other products: QMS have a huge range so what I would recommend doing is this – take a look at their website (hyperlinked multiple times throughout this post) and then if you want get in touch with them to ask questions do drop their customer service team line or get in touch with them through their social media accounts.

For me this brand’s products have been really effective and anything that can help build confidence that bad skin takes away from you seems worth looking into to me.

As always stay safe and speak soon.

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