Ali Gordon

Quick fix shaving routine

We don’t always have time on our hands so sometimes a quick tidy up is our only option. Perfect for last minute occasions or even business meetings, looking smart is essential, first impressions and all that jazz.

Simply washing your face with warm water to loosen up the whiskers soften the skin & cleanse the area as standard, dry off & run your beard trimmer over your beard creating an even balance and length throughout, I use a 2.5mm cut setting, rinse off the remaining hairs in running water, I use running water as it feels cleaner. Then apply a shaving gel /cream or foam and take a razor to tidy up your edges, I often use a cut throat however When I’m rushing it’s 100% safer to use this duel safety razor which has a guide to reduce the risk of cutting yourself, I was really impressed with this razor as it leaves a good finish much like the cut throat, it just has a little less accuracy for me. After you have perfected the stubble rinse the excess shaving cream and apply a moisturising cream/gel, currently I am using the Armani Master lotion which Lydia brought me for christmas, it rubs in effortlessly and leaves the skin soft & smelling amazing. I also apply the eye gel just underneath to help hydrate the skin to avoid any more wrinkles. This quick & easy shaving routine is perfect for a quick tidy up. Shave safe & look sharp. – AG

Trimmer – Here     Safter Razor – Here     Shaving cream – Here     Moisturiser – Here