Ali Gordon

You’re missing out if you don’t own it

For a long time I had a signature smell, that one fragrance I would wear every day & night. However my views have changed I believe that a fragrance can set a mood and I have found myself experimenting with daytime and evening fragrances, seasonal, sophisticated, youthful, sensual and more, a fragrance can offer so much. The new L’Homme Ultime is an elegant scent with the style of modern day masculinity, YvesSaintLaurent have developed for me the perfect summer fragrance, I feel confident fashionable & free wearing this scent its fresh and clean and fits perfectly into my summer styles. If you pass a fragrance stall or dare to trust my word Ultime for me is a must have fragrance in your ammo, it got the girlfriends approval as well. Let me know your thoughts on the fragrance. – AG

YSL – Ultime – Shop Here