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Netflix Series 2 | Passion is Infectious

Time for the next instalment in the Netflix series. Now I have to confess that for this post I have cheated just a little as the two shows I am focusing on…well…one of them isn’t on Netflix. So the focus here is on the incredible climbing shows ‘Free Solo’ and ‘The Dawn Wall’. These inspired one of my recent Instagram posts and helped to frame the creative behind the idea. I appreciate that ‘Free Solo’ isn’t on Netflix but throw me some rope here….get it? Truth is both are such fantastic shows and deserve to be watched and together they cover the theme that I’m going to explore in this post. I promise in future I will try harder to make sure that it’s only Netflix shows.

So the key thing in both of these shows/documentaries that really stood out to me was the idea that we can be passionate (and tend to be so) about things others are passionate about. I can’t remember a time when I was so animated watching anything and Free Solo in particular almost gave me the feeling of vertigo. Now I have no interest in climbing personally and if you were to describe these shows to me I would have said “not for me” but after the hype surrounding them I sat down to watch and didn’t regret that decision for a moment. Looking back now it is proof to me that it’s so engaging to see people do what they are passionate about. Here is an activity that I have no interest in and yet I am riveted by these incredible individuals whose passion transcends the screen and gets me excited. Consequently, and I’m sure like others who have watched either of these shows, my interest has peaked in climbing and now whenever I see content about it or hear conversations about it I want to be involved.

What this all cements in my mind is that following your passions is so key and almost doing this to the point where you are blinkered from the outside world and anything otherwise. Once you are following your passions and doing what you love it’s funny how people get on board as your energy begins to become infectious and that passion ignites and interest in others for what you are doing that maybe wasn’t there before.

I don’t particularly think my friends and family had an interest in photography and videography but I like to think that my passion and interest in this area has stoked more passion and interest in this area from them. I also can’t deny that the same has occurred with Lydia igniting this passion in me. I was, still am, and always will be so enamoured with the passion Lydia has for what she does.

Wrapping up this blog post I want to reinforce the idea that following your passions is a good thing…a great thing in fact. It’s what life is all about and you never know who else’s passion it could ignite.

Stay safe


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