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Welcome to the latest binge list post, the blog posts where I cover what I’ve been watching and I look for advice and recommendations on what you are watching.

I think most of us are binge watching in lockdown. It feels like the moment I find a show I like I watch it all too quickly. Then I end up with that empty feeling afterwards when you can’t find the right show to replace it. I most recently did this with Downton Abbey. I watched it in record time and then didn’t have a clue what to dive into next.

Luckily (and as some of you will have seen over on my IG) I was asked to work with Sky on their show Devils. I looked at the trailer and it was very intriguing and then since it dropped on Sky I’ve gone on and binge watched it. Essentially it’s a city thriller that is fast paced and doesn’t take time to get going. There’s known faces like Patrick Dempsey and what also caught my eye in the trailer before I got stuck in was that comedian Paul Chowdry has transferred over to the acting world (he’s really good which is refreshing to see).

Because of lockdown I haven’t been into London in a long time and I can’t wait to get back into the city when the restaurants and bars and all open. This show was a real reminder of how great cities are with the people and the fast paced lifestyle. It was a reminder of how much I miss London and why people love city life.

Now one thing I am keen to do when I write about these shows is to not give anything away, so, I won’t go into the storyline or what happens as I think it’s best to go in open minded and experience a show knowing as little as possible.

Essentially if you like a thriller, if you like a fast paced show, if you like the city skyscrapers and landscapes and are intrigued by the mystery and shadiness of the finance world then this is for you. It’s my latest recommendation and I hope you like it.

As always I’m keen to hear what you are watching and any recommendations for what I should cover next.

Stay safe.

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