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So as some of you know, last year I ran a series of blog posts which I loosely called the Netflix series. This was to cover what I was watching in lockdown and out of that what I had enjoyed the most. I’ve come to realise that I’ve slightly limited myself here in that I watch a whole host of different shows across different content providers.

Taking this into account I’ve decided to re-name these posts the “The Binge List” so that I can now include the likes of Sky, Amazon Prime and others into the mix. There is lots of great content out there that is capturing our imaginations and our attention during lockdown, so, I wanted to spread out the remit of this series to cover more of what I’m watching and more of what has been recommended to me

For today’s post I want to focus on shows that have been out (maybe for a long while) which were recommended to me last year but I didn’t get around to watching and my mission this year is to tick them off the list. Quite nicely we’ve got three shows here, one from Netflix, one from Amazon Prime and one from Sky.

Up first is the hugely popular Netflix show ‘The Queen’s Gambit’. As you can tell by the images here and the IG post (if that is what brought you over), the content was inspired by this show. Creatively this was great fun and to work with new props and new ideas always flames my creativity helping to produce better content. I’ve heard that this show is incredibly unique and different. It’s made my ‘to watch list’ because of the sheer number of people that have recommended it to me. Who would have thought Chess would capture the interests of so many people?

I’ve seen it mentioned that it had some record for viewing figures and from what I can find it looks like it “set the record for the most watched scripted limited series to date on Netflix with 62 million member accounts tuning into the show in the first 28 days”…wow! It would seem that if 62 million Netflix accounts have watched the show then it’s probably worth giving it a try, even if I am a bit late to the party.

Moving onto the second show on my list (and I think this has only been released recently) its ‘The Chaperone’. There is one reason and one reason only that this is on the list and it’s because Lyds and I have binged Downton Abbey lately. ‘The Chaperone’ is by the writer and director of Downton so I’m guessing we are going to get something along the same lines, which, if the case, is definitely of interest to me. I’ve loved Downtown, it’s a show Lyds and I have really got into together and so hopefully ‘The Chaperone’ can do the same. 

Finally, from Sky, it’s the show Succession. Again, this is one I am clearly late to the party on and it’s also recommended by far too many people for me to ignore it any longer. Set as a dark comedy, as I understand it, it sort of mirrors the Murdoch Media Mogul empire and the somewhat unbelievable scenarios that world throws together. Having checked online it has an 8.6 on IMDB and a 92% of Rotten Tomatoes so we can safely say it comes strongly recommended. I think it’s also a few seasons in now so I’ll need to catch up. At least it looks like we’ll have a lot more nights in for the foreseeable future so there will be time for that.

Let me know any recommendations you have for both series inspired shoots and shows to watch.

Stay safe


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