Ali Gordon

Dune Aesthetics

Channeling my inner Dune vibes.

As those of you that follow my other channels will know, I have partnered with Sky Cinema to talk about their great releases over the year. This month’s release is Dune! The sci-fi blockbuster!

One of the things that really took my fancy in this film is the cinematography. I had a look and saw that a took a few Oscars in categories like this so I think there’s been some universal agreement that is an incredible achievement. The hue and tones of everything were right up my street and it was a reminder of how well each scene and frame is curated by these directors.

Whilst this photo shoot wasn’t up there with the cinematography of Dune, we did get the capture great content on a beautiful sunset in Quinta Do Lago.

I would say that if you like these sort of tones and styles to content then I would recommend Dune even if you wouldn’t call yourself a fan of sci-fi. The film is just visually a must see!

Check out my YouTube video from last Wednesday where I talk a little more about Dune and I would love to know in the comments any films you would like me to take inspiration from to apply into photo shoots.


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