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Escape to the Cotswolds | Travel Edition

Thyme Hotel England 

May bank holiday Lydia & I set off for a mini adventure to welcome in spring like we never have before, Thyme hotel situated in the beautiful country side of the cotswolds offered us the opportunity to indulge in their outstanding facilities and take some time from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

The Swan Southrop


As the evening approached we took a leisurely stroll up the road to the village pub/restaurant, The Swan. In connection with the Thyme hotel the swan continued to offer the warm homely feel the hotel had mastered, with an open fire and friendly staff we felt at ease and couldn’t wait to get stuck into some of the food on the menu, which I must add was delicious. One thing that impressed me and Thyme take great pride in was the way in which they source their food for both the hotel & the Swan, Using their own land & Gardens they supply all of the possible ingredients to create the most creative dishes for us all to enjoy and all with a zero mile journey from grown to home, any food Thyme haven’t nurtured is as locally sourced as possible, they have a great passion for fresh organic living.

Thyme Garden

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The Gardens of thyme where all the magic happens, home to salt & pepper the Pigs of the farm and all the home grown produce you could wish for. A team of amazing gardeners grow the delicious food we eat during our stay and maintain the stunning Gardens of Thyme. We enjoyed a botanical cocktail at the bar created & designed by the in house team, a must try unique experience offered at the hotel.

Taste of Thyme 

  What better way to spend an afternoon than with a glass of wine & fresh food, We really got a chance to taste the flavours of thyme and socialise with the owner Caryn who has an unbelievable amount of involvement hand on deck, you would see Caryn in the gardens picking fresh herbs, altering the flower arrangements in the bar area & always a smile on her face wishing everyone a great day, It showed the care and attention to detail the hotel offers their clientele, and how much the working of this establishment means to Caryn and her team.

Thyme to Bloom 

Finally the real passion at Thyme the whole reason Thyme developed into what it is today has to be there extremely well engineered cookery school. Thyme initial set up to become a place for people to come and learn how to cook, bake & become masters in there own kitchen, soon developed into the great establishment it is today & potentially looking to expand even further. We spent the best part of the afternoon before our departure getting are hands dirty needing, folding, whisking, boiling, baking and most importantly eating. The class was so much fun and the edible flower pastries where to die for & trust me I couldn’t bake to safe my life. It was such an incredibly relaxing and welcoming experience, Lydia and I can’t wait to return.

If you would like more information about  Thyme or even visit this stunning location yourself I will link all the relevant info below as always. I hope you enjoyed this post until the next one adios amigos.

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