Ali Gordon


“Cars bring me pure joy” – Evan Speigel.

When you say I test drove a car, most people’s minds conjure images of race tracks and flat roads. Test driving the world’s fastest SUV, the Aston Martin DBX 707 was anything but this. No, we got to take this beautiful car in it’s exterior colour of Satin Titanium Grey around the beautiful island of Sardinia. 

To start off we headed to the north of the Island, only 30 minutes or so from Olbia airport to the stunning Cala Di Volpe hotel (which was used for some filming in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me). We were there off-season so it was incredibly quite and peaceful.

Once we landed we enjoyed a nice afternoon and evening of food and entertainment before the exciting day of taking the 707 out on the road. I can explain the excitement and anticipation I had here with a few facts that I knew about the car in advance – 707 horse power, unique chasis, more coolers, larger wheels, 5mm lower, re-worked aerodynamics…and much more.

Sadly starting off our morning in the rain, we headed south and moved out of the motorways into the long and winding roads at higher altitude. As we did this, fortune was on our side the clouds cleared the sun appeared and we got access to the wonderful views Sardinia has to offer.

The 707 offered the control and power of a sports car yet the space and comfort of an SUV as we worked our way back to the hotel having stopped at a beautiful restaurant on the coast.

More beautiful food was awaiting us back at Cala Di Volpe as Aston Martin had brought in Michelin Starred chef Tom Brown (Cornerstone in Hackney Wick) who prepared us an unrivaled menu of Smoked Mackerel Mousse, Cured Scorpion Fish, Calamari ‘Cacio e Pepe’, Lamb & Clams with Seaweed Salsa Verde and then finally his special Tiramisu. This was all accompanied with expertly picked wines from Olly Smith.

At this point we really were living the dream under the incredible hospitality of Aston Martin. A beautiful car, a beautiful island and beautiful food left some very satisfied guests.

Now make sure you check out the 707 as well as my vlog this week over on YouTube as you’ll get more content from this incredible trip. Check out my videos section on the blog. Have a great week.


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