Ali Gordon


“You realise that at the point of maximum danger is the point of minimal fear”. Now this is a Will Smith quote that we have to be really careful not to take out of the context in which it was said and the context with which I am using it for this post is around doing things that scare you and push you out of your comfort zone in order to better yourself or experience something you haven’t before.

The Will Smith quote comes from a great talk he did about his experience SkyDiving which if you haven’t seen before you should watch here –

The reason this is coming up today is because on a recent trip to South Wales I say this very idea in action. We went to shoot content in a quarry in South Wales and this quarry happens to also be home to the world’s fastest Zipline (which if i’d known sooner I would have booked to do). On this zipline, you are hoisted up so you are held horizontally by the harness and then sent down the zipline head first!

I could see the people at the bottom of the quarry watching their friends and loved ones and it was clear some of them had got there and decided not to do it themselves. As a result this video came to mind and I realised how right I think Will Smith is.

It’s a good watch and a healthy reminder to fight your fears (in this context). Have a watch and let me know what you think.

Stay safe

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