Ali Gordon


“There is no good idea that cannot be improved upon”

I think this is what DJI were thinking with the OM4. Some of you will be aware that I collaborated with DJI earlier in the month on this really great new product so you can see the video content I got on my feed HERE.

I love new products and I love tech that helps me with my job. Even the smallest difference can feel massively important because everything is done at such a pace so convenience becomes everything because time is so limited.

There are too many occasions where we have a day to get a tonne of content turned around and the truth is that products like this become a game-changer. I won’t go through all the features as I’ve done this before so if you want a breakdown let me know and I can send you my previous content.

I feel like this isn’t too dissimilar to when I first started using Slack with my manager for brand collaborations. The set-up of whatsapp and emails just made everything really clunky and slow and confusing. Slack was a game-changer and it streamlined everything to the point where on the one occasion we experienced it going down with a glitch everything felt chaotic.

It’s hard to look back at times before game-changing products developed and innovated your work and social life and it’s almost impossible to imagine going back to a life without them. Tech can be your friend if you find the right tech.

Do let me know any game-changing tech you use and it’s all about innovation.

“Ultimately, progress and innovation win”

Stay safe


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