Ali Gordon


With travel restricted, our holiday plans on hold and that adventurer within us restrained, it’s been hard to get our travel fix. I tend to feel a need to get out and explore, to see new places and to embrace new and different cultures. 2020 has sadly not been the year to scratch this itch, however, I am learning that a lot more is closer to home than I realise. So, in today’s post, I am going to focus on the idea of the coastal break in the UK. A get away that is sometimes undervalued and underappreciated.

Quite recently I took a trip to Lyme Regis, a beautiful spot on the  Jurassic coast. You may have seen the pictures on my Instagram. The change of scenery and the fresh air have done me wonders. I feel refreshed, I feel energised and I feel raring to go.


This was  a trip my friends organised, it instantly made me realise that there are some fantastic coastal locations in the UK and upon doing some research the below really caught my eye:
Salcombe, Devon
Weymouth, Dorset
Whitby, Yorkshire
St.Ives, Cornwall

Yes the water is cold and yes the weather can turn bad…but come on it’s the UK and we are used to this. There is a real getaway feel to a coastal town and off the back of my most recent trip I really couldn’t recommend looking into this more. If you are really desperate for a weekend away, a change of scenery for a while, maybe taking the family away for a slightly different holiday than you originally planned then one of the above could be just the right fit for you.

I guess the only downside for me was the golf. I’m bad on a good day but on a windy one let’s just say it doesn’t make the most relaxing of rounds.

It’s nice to remember that the UK has lots to offer in the way of holiday destinations and we have a big tourism industry for a reason. Jet-setters from around the world are keen to explore the UK and just because you live somewhere doesn’t mean you’ve explored it as much as you can.

Perhaps with our outward looking focus we have forgotten that the holiday we are after may be closer than we think and it turns out that we don’t need to fly halfway around the world to scratch that travel itch.

Stay safe

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