Ali Gordon

practising gratitude

I will never get tired of looking at pictures of luxury cars and recently I was having a little think back to this great trip.

Having just got back from the Maldives, I’ve been going through lots of my content. I’ve been organising it all and getting it ready for some different posts I’ll be sharing here and whilst I was deep into my hard-drive I came across more unshared stills from my trip to  Sardinia last month.


Now, I often make sure I practice gratitude around the house and in my day to day life. You can quickly lose sight of all the great things you have around you and you get to experience with the ever increasing speed of life.

So here I am today picking out an extraordinary moment from my life recently and taking the time to acknowledge how lucky and grateful I am.

A beautiful trip to Sardinia to experience an incredible car is a lifetime experience!

The other reason this topic came to mind for today’s post was that coincidentally whilst this topic was on my mind, I came across a recent TikTok where an interviewer asks a lady whether she is happy in life and her response is a life lesson I will aim to keep in mind always:

Interviewer: “If you had a message to anybody that’s struggling with happiness, what would you say?”

Answer: “Try to look at what you have and not what you don’t have”

It’s a poignant reminder that we must continue to stay present and enjoy the journey life brings whilst never forgetting to practice gratitude along the way. It’s such an important element to living a happy and fulfilled life. Have a great week and we will speak next Monday.


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