Ali Gordon


Now this was truly a unique experience and one of the best things I’ve ever done. Whilst working out what we wanted to do during our stay in Ibiza, one of the things that materialised was a day trip in the ridiculously good looking Riva Rivamare.

Packed to the rafters with features and design detail that wouldn’t be out of place in a James Bond film we took this beauty out and about to the nearby coves and beaches. It’s the only kind on the Island so it truly is a unique experience.

Stopping off in beautiful settings and chilling on crystal clear waters, we bobbed from cove to cove and beach to beach exploring what was around and taking in the great scenery.  Sitting beneath beaming sunshine and clear blue skies we weren’t disappointed. I always hear people talk about the calming nature of the sea, there’s something about the water that just makes you feel relaxed. ( unless like Lydia you’re scared of the deep blue areas in which case anchor down in the clear turquoise locations haha. )

This was one of those day trips to remember for a lifetime. We packed a picnic which mostly consisted of allioli & fresh bread, a few beverages to see us through the day and had the pleasure of enjoying a paddle board which most definitely looks easier than it is.

One of the things we loved was seeing some of the incredible properties lined along the coastline. Everything fitting aesthetically into the landscape to create this incredible backdrop. It definitely has inspired us to continue our search for the perfect holiday home.

Travelling around part of the Island was a good reminder of how much of a place you don’t actually see or explore. You think that you’ve visited a place but realistically you have barely scratched the surface. Even two to three more trips would leave so much undiscovered. The spontaneity was possibly a large contributing factor to the success of this day, we extend our stay 3 hours before we were due to leave for the airport & booked in this boat day. To be spontaneous in our current climate it rather difficult so to have experienced that feeling of being able to make last minute decisions and create unforgettable memories was a real treat. If your in Ibiza or at any coastal location I would strongly suggest exploring the idea of a boat day.


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