Ali Gordon

The Xfactor experience

Last weekend Lydia and myself had the opportunity to embrace the X-factor experience with Tresemme who sponsor the X-factor and take care of all the hair behind the scenes. We had the chance to have head stylist Aaron Carlo work his magic on our hair before the show, he is a true gent and it was great to see his room backstage where all the preparation happens building up to the live shows.

Before the show started we indulged in some food at the Michelin star restaurant Hakkasan Mayfair, starting with a plateau of Dim Sum and a refreshing glass of Mojito I was set for a good night, once we had finished off there we headed straight to Wembley where the live shows take place, I was fascinated by the production behind the scenes, studio lighting, camera equipment,  pyrotechnics, pop up stage sets that assemble in seconds, all to create a different mood for each performance. As pictured above you can see they even have TV crew up in the ceiling catching footage for us to enjoy at home. The timing of the Live shows are also insane, literally seconds before they broadcast there are makeup artists, work men/women & hair stylists on stage making sure everything is right and ready for the cameras.

One part of the show as viewers we don’t get the opportunity to enjoy is the warm up guy, he had me giggling away for ages, completely free styling he smoothly worked his away around the audience cracking jokes and mocking us for all our worth. I hope one day he gets his own TV show.

As we wrapped up the X-Factors amazing live performances from Rita Ora, Carrie Underwood and of course the remaining contestants we had the Xtra Factor to enjoy followed by a glass of bubbly & another catch up with the guys behind the scenes in the Tresemme hair salon. It was such a great night & Lydia and myself both felt very grateful for the opportunity. – AG

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