Ali Gordon


I’ve been thinking in the build up to Valentine’s day this year that it will most certainly be different. February 14th 2020 was a very different time. We hadn’t grasped the scale of what was coming just yet and the idea of lockdowns and restricted travel were an unimaginable reality. 

Fast forward a year and it’s strange to think how much things have changed. Having gone out for a nice meal last Valentine’s, it has now been clear for a while that this year was going to need a new plan.

I think the lack of options for getting out and going to places really puts the pressure on and can make the whole occasion seem unnecessarily challanging. This is why I’m recommending keeping it simple.

Don’t over complicate things and let’s get back to the basics. This is supposed to be a night that you enjoy with your significant other where you focus on them and your relationship, how much they mean to you. The purpose is enjoyment and sometimes enjoyment comes from keeping things simple.

With these pictures I wanted to highlight a really simple approach I think can be taken in lockdown for a special Valentine’s evening. Use a blanket or sheet on the floor with some nicely arranged pillows to create your setting for the evening. Place these in front of the TV on the floor. Switch on one of your loved one’s favourite films (no prizes for guessing what one of Lydia’s is). Then finally lay out some nice food in a charcuterie format. Pop open a bottle of wine or some bubbly and sit back to enjoy the evening together.

There are little additions you can make here and there if you like. You can add some candles or since so many people have taken up or bettered their baking skills you could maybe bake something for the occasion. Either way keep it to the things you know your partner loves and that you love to and make it so that you can both switch off from all that’s going on and focus the evening spent together.

Hope everyone has a nice valentine’s this year and let me know any ideas you have planned.

Stay safe

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