Ali Gordon


Today I wanted to talk about Bad habits and no not the Ed Sheeran song but actual bad habits. Those bad practices that we have gotten into some of which we know about and some maybe that we don’t realise we have.

Now this post was slightly inspired by my experiences playing golf but as it related quite strongly to a more general life context I wanted to link it with these images.

So, bad habits. When this came to mind I realised that bad habits to me split into these two types.

The first type are those we know we shouldn’t do and we would like to stop or reduce a little bit but we hold some comfort in them. These can be people biting their nails or not clearing up after themselves. For me the small little things that just creep into our behaviors.

The second type are more those bad habits that you end up training because you believe they are good habits. This is where the golf connection came in. I had been for a period of time training what I thought were good habits and actually they turned out to be hindering me.

This got me thinking. How often do we do this in life? Are there examples where we are hearing information and taking it at face value (with limited research) and then consequently implementing it into our lives on a routine enough basis to make it into a bad habit.

Like all habits if you do them for long enough they stick and become hard to change. Equally they can be difficult to spot or even except as bad habits because they were ingrained under the pretense of being good habits that you wanted to implement in your life.

I think common places for these are the gym (having been in this field of industry for a while in my early years you spot people implementing bad habits all the time) and then in life it can be anything from getting a certain amount of sleep based on what someone has recommended or just in general structuring our lifestyle to that of someone else’s recommendations.

Be concious of bad habits.

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