Ali Gordon


Today’s post is about standing up for yourself and not being hyper-sensitive to others feelings to the point where you are apologising when they hurt you. This is not to say be selfish or dismissive of others but know when to stand up for yourself and know when you shouldn’t be apologising.

This all came about because I over-heard a quote the other day in some-else’s conversation (yes I shouldn’t have been eavesdropping) which made me laugh but it’s also true I think. They said:

“If someone slaps you, you don’t say sorry because their hand hurts”

Often when people treat someone badly the best thing I think that someone could do is try to have compassion and empathy for the individual at hand. However, this can still be done whilst standing up for yourself.

I find that in trying to be compassionate and empathetic though I can sometimes end up being apologetic. Then I end up angry at my self for having been apologetic. There is a difference between these two reactions. Whilst I am pro being compassionate and empathetic in such situations and I’m not so pro being apologetic.

I’ll see if I can get this quote used in conversation somewhere in the near future and let you know whether anyone I know thinks it’s any good but at least for now it served as a good reminder to stand up for yourself when you know you should. Show compassion and empathy whenever you can but for others hurting you.


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