Ali Gordon

How To Know The Right Decision For You

Now this is a really interesting topic to me. I’m often unsure as to what the best decision for myself is at times. I can get hung up on what direction to take and which way to go.

Sometimes things can be black and white but mostly decisions sit in a grey area and for many of us it’s tricky to navigate.

The sort of decisions I’m referring to cover everything from where to take your next business step to even what to have for dinner. Decisions are all around us and those that are black and white are a luxury rarely lived.

What prompted me to think about this topic was the below quote:

“You know the right decision when there is peace in your heart”

Now I’m more than aware that actually this quote doesn’t address my point well at all. Technically it’s referring to after a decision is made and how you’ll know if it was the right decision but maybe that’s the best we can do.

I guess the truth is we don’t categorically know the right decision or the best decision at the time so firstly we shouldn’t beat ourselves up too much but what we can do is tell if it’s been the right decision afterwards. Do we have “peace in our hearts”? Or a less poetic way to say this would be…do we feel content and at peace?

I think continual unease of a decision made can be a good indicator of how you truly feel about it. Since we are all looking to better our lives and our minds it should be a telling sign if you are not content in your life following any decision.

I think the interesting thing here is that this can also refer to the “smaller” decisions like what to have for dinner. Whether big or small, the decision you are likely going to be better off with is the one that leaves you content and at peace.