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How to up your photography Game

To celebrate the launch of the incredible Olympus PEN-F camera, Olympus sponsored London Fashion Week Mens and invited me along as a special guest to attend and test it out. I was joined by Olympus visionary and photographer Jay McLaughlin who captured some shots of me at the shows. Although he has many other cameras, the PEN-F is often his kit of choice at these sort of events. This was my first time experiencing the presentations and cat walks of fashion week so I was thrilled to be attending with my favourite camera brand. As many of you will know I have used the Olympus EPL-7 on a large proportion of my social media content. I wanted to step up the quality of my content & take it to a professional level and with the PEN-F I have the right piece of kit to do so. The PEN-F is a camera for those photography enthusiast, professionals and those like myself, who admire and appreciate the quality and art of digital content.

The PEN-F has so much to offer and gives you full control over your content. The camera has the most aesthetically pleasing design with it’s take on vintage cameras infused with a modern twist. I could write about the functions this camera has to offer for weeks however finding your own with a camera is important in creating your own style and take on photography and film. A few aspects of the PEN-F that have me sold, aside from its design, are the unique filters you can select to create a pre edited touch to the raw image, you can select these in the main menu and even adjust the creative dial at the front to play around with colours, The C1,2,3,4 Control options are amazing as you can personalise the set up of the camera to each number, this is a luxury function that gives you the ability to simply turn a dial to transform the settings within millie seconds to create a completely different image. The camera also has it’s own electronic view finder which is essential whilst shooting in bright conditions as a stand alone live view finder can be hard to see in the sunlight.

Aside from it’s outstanding photography abilities the PEN-F is also perfect to film on, I have recently uploaded some youtube content from America using the PEN-F and the response was humbling. The camera has a flip out screen which for Vlogging is essential to my performance. I was over the moon to find the camera records at 50fps meaning I can create smooth HD slow motion shots in my videos. The PEN-F also has internal stabilisation meaning you can create a steady shot with ease creating that professional cinematic feel to your footage. This beauty really is a beast.

To SHOP or find out more information regarding the Olympus – PEN-F Click – HERE

Watch the video from the day at LFWM with Olympus – HERE

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This post is in partnership with Olympus however all views are my own.

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