Ali Gordon


My manager hit me with a quote from one of his favourite movies the other day which was “adapt or die”. Now he didn’t mean this literally but the context was (for the movie) that unless changes are made and an adaptation to the times is made you will otherwise be left behind.

The context to our conversation was that we were talking about strategies and changes that we have implemented and will need to implement over the rest of the year and we were looking at how we have adapted to suit the times we are in.

I think it’s the easiest option to stay the same and hope that things change and it’s that hardest choice (but often the best one) to adapt to the situation but always in your own way and whilst remaining in control of your decisions.

Sometimes things we could have never predicted can happen and change our lives but it is often our reaction to these that dictates the effect of these unpredictable events on our lives. Whilst we can’t control everything and somethings will always be out of our control, it’s by focusing on what we can change and where we can adapt that we can make sure we do everything we can to have positive outcomes from unpredictable scenarios.

I’ve seen it a few times on Sky Sports News but I’m particularly impressed by Eddie Hearn’s reaction to the global pandemic of 2020. For those of you that don’t know, Eddie Hearn (famous boxing promoter) has turned his Brentwood home (or at least I think it’s his home) into a boxing fight camp.

Not being deterred by the lockdown and social distancing guidelines (but of course making sure abiding by the rules) Eddie Hearn has created the perfect response to the stoppage of live sport by creating a venue whereby a series of boxing events can be staged safely in quick succession in one location with maximum health and safety precautions. There are press conferences done via socially distanced reporting or live streaming/video conferencing and as for the safety precautions – they’ve introduced a sanitation pod which sprays people with a fine mist as they enter the venue and they’ve added an single tunnel entrance that has a camera for checking mask and other precautions are being taken.

Anyway, I could ramble on here about this impressive response to what seemed a disastrous scenario for live boxing but it struck me as a good example of the “adapt or die” my manager quoted me. Sometimes it takes a little re-think, re-structure and a positive mind-set to get the best out of a bad thing.

Stay safe

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