Ali Gordon


It’s been a while I know and sorry for the lack of blog content. As some of you will already have seen me mention I’m revamping my blog so keep an eye out on my channels in the upcoming weeks for a new design, new structure and new content.

Today however I want to talk about something you don’t hear me mention often and I rarely cover on YouTube or Instagram. Today I want to talk about being a small business owner, I’ve partnered with Hertz across the year and saw this opportunity to talk to you as one myself about becoming more efficient in your work place.

Being a small business owner is tough as many of you will know and for those of you that aren’t small business owners I bet you know people who are… and I bet they tell you how stressful it can be.

Yes there are liberating elements like the freedom on time and daily routine but the pressure of the personal responsibility and responsibility for others can be a lot to handle sometimes. It feels like you’re carrying a lot on your shoulders. This is why anything that can help you be efficient and simplify tricky logistical issues is useful. For work communication I’ve mentioned before about the apps I use but what about logistical issues for a small business like kiting out an office or moving product??? The things you can’t do with a few clicks, well you can if you download the Hertz app 😉

I had exactly this when kiting out mine and Lyds new home and particularly with the office. I take for granted the companies that make this easier like Hertz who I used for van hire to transport product to the new house.

If you’ve seen my IG lately you will know that I am collaborating with Hertz on The British collection but when we were talking about how I’ve used the company’s services before we both realised that there was a story to tell about how useful the vans had been across renovating the office and our home which is a key part of the small business that I operate.

From product delivery to plants and furniture to paintings or flooring, a variety of small businesses have a variety of different needs. We are all special in our own way. I recommend anyone with business needs in this area to take a look at the range that Hertz offer for Van hire.

Outside of work, helping my mate Matt move house meant quickly renting from Hertz to get the job done…and I like to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There will be more coming from me with Hertz about The British collection which I can’t wait for you to see but having chatted with them about my experience with the brand this was a personal message and experience I wanted to share with you all.

Shout out to all the small business owners out there, the daily hustle is hard and I hope this small introduction can help you with efficiency and simplicity in your future ventures!


This post is in partnership with Hertz UK, Click here for more information on Hertz Van Hire  – HERTZ