Ali Gordon

Straight outta Bond movie

So the first thing that has to be addressed in this post is…the form of my dive! Great camera work by Lydia too but this was fine form! Team GB sign me up! ( I’m sure the diving team would laugh at my form but I’m happy with this one )

Now onto the post itself, as you would have seen I’ve been away recently and I was lucky enough to go to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the Maldives.

I’ve got lots of content from this incredible trip so I will save the specifics of the location and hotel/trip activities for another post, however I wanted to get this content out today and start showcasing what was an unbelievable few days in tropical paradise.

I got lucky for once with travelling (in terms of the weather) as it stayed prodominantly sunny and dry and I didn’t bring the bad weather with me like I have a tendency to do.

Thanks to the great weather and this incredible hotel which looks like a villain’s lair right out of a James Bond movie, I’ve been able to get a whole range of content from underwater shots to beach shots, from sunsets to sunrises and some great architecture.

Essentially today’s post is a precursor to lots more content to come. I really enjoyed being able to creative with freedom in such a beautiful and idyllic environment. Keep an eye on my channels for more to come from this beautiful Island.


Swim Shorts ( wearing a Medium )  – HERE