Ali Gordon


  As you’ll know if you saw my last blog post about my office, I’m making a change and shaking things up. Not sure if it’s been that feeling of ‘life on pause’ that has finally made me do it but it’s overdue and the office is going to look very different. There’s some images here that will show you the new layout so let’s take a look…oh and there’s a moodboard to which has the new things I’m looking to put in place.

As you can see I’ve moved the desk under the velux windows/roof windows. It’s great for natural light and if you’ve seen my IG page recently you’ll have seen that I shot this set-up head on for a Hugo Boss Father’s Day campaign. This set-up gives me far more space to move and really makes me feel like I’m not cramming myself into the corner.

I’ve essentially switched my desk and seating area around and like almost all furniture a corner sofa will be replacing the current blue chairs, hopefully it will make the room feel more open and social. I won’t have my back turned to people in order to look at my computer and I won’t be hidden behind my screen. It’s important to me to have the space be open and social as the rest of the house is and Lyds and I have worked hard to make it so. The new desk which you can also see on the moodboard is going to give me more draws, more space and more to play with. It’ll make me feel like I’m in an old gentlemen’s club. Also, you’ll probably know by now that I’m a neat freak so the more storage for organisation the better…mmmm draws, wardrobes, cabinets, file organisers.

The colour palette in the room is going to change also I’m unsure  whether to go with a black warobe and white wall or an all white room, the reason for these neutral colours is because the tones & textures within the room will be interchangeable and bring the room to life themselves. For example a wooden, mahogany and leather feel to the office can be achieved simply by the furniture as appose to the fixed interior and walls. To quote Anchorman my office could have “many leather bound books and smell of rich mahogany”. The new style will make it a great space for some evening whiskies.

Expect some very different office pics over on my Instagram once this is all finished.

Stay safe