Ali Gordon


“Everytime I go to a movie, it’s magic, no matter what the movie’s about” – Steven Spielberg

…and this certainly was magical! Thanks to Ornate Moments I was able to provide one of the most unique surprises for Lydia I’ve ever done.

If you love your movies or are just looking for a unique surprise for that special someone then this is just the right thing for you.

There are fewer better ways I can imagine watching a movie. When I first saw the set-up it actually struck me as something that you would more likely see in a movie rather than watch a movie in.

Judging by Lydia’s ear to ear grin I think this went down well.

Everything from the popcorn & ice cream, to the champagne, to the pillows and stands…it was just perfect.

One of the sad things about social media and modern technology is that watching films can now be such an interrupted process. If you go to the cinema you watch straight through but watching at home you get distracted by your phone. It was nice with this set-up to really settle into the evening and properly enjoy a date night and enjoy the movies the way movies are meant to be watched.

Let me know what you would have picked to watch in this set-up.

Stay safe

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