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So, this was now a few weeks ago but our trip to Provence was certainly a desperate push to keep Summer going for as long as possible.

Well into Autumn we popped over to France to experience an end of summer trip that hit all the right notes. It’s always a good bet (the South of France) in the early Autumn weeks as the weather will surprise you.

When I looked the other day (final week of October) it was still 21/22 and sunny during the day. So, for those of you like me you want to drag out Summer for as long as possible, this is a great destination to keep that Summer feeling alive! It’s rumoured that the south of France gets 300 days of sun per year, if that’s the case I would say it’s a pretty safe bet for getting some late season sun.

We stayed in the wonderful Le Mas De Chabran which itself is located in a beautiful village called Maussane-les-Alpilles. The estate is on quite a large grounds surrounded and woven between stunning French gardens. You can swim by the olive trees and wander through the vegetable patches picking your food for that evening.

One of the things that impressed me most about this place was the balance between classic architecture and modern design. It’s very rare you come across somewhere that gets the balance so right. Often this is a blend that goes really wrong but as you can see from these images the subtlety with how this is done is really clever.

It would have been easy to stay in this place every minute of the day for the duration of our stay, however with the weather so good and that Summer feeling in full flow we did what lots of people do when they go to Provence…Wine tasting? No! Visits to historical monuments? No! …A a trip to the beautiful nature reserve and to my surprise rice fields!

Jumping into a stylish Defender (to get that full Safari aesthetic) we headed out for the day and took in the breathtaking views. I recommend taking a look at some of the Carousel posts on my IG page as you’ll get a good idea of what the experience was like. Flamingos and all, this was a day trip to remember.

One of the other benefits of a trip to sunnier places is that I can push that summer wardrobe out just one more time. So, as always links to items below.

Whilst Summer has definitely come to an end and even the most hopeful among us definitely cannot stretch it into November! This was a great way to finish the Summer of 2021.

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