Ali Gordon

Tips For Nailing Valentines day

Tip 1 – Don’t be afraid to go all out.

It’s not unusual for a conversation to occur with the guys about the ulterior motive behind Valentines Day from a business perspective & how we should show love to our partners all year, so why do we need a day to celebrate this? well here is the thing, As much as we do show are partners every day how much we love them in small ways, this is the one day of the year where we get to show them in a profound way, going that one step further and watching as their smile grows from ear to ear as you show them the underestimated capabilities of the romance within you.

Tip 2 – Be thoughtful and creative.

Gifting can sometimes be testing, I mean there are a million ways to spoil your loved ones and choosing the right one isn’t always going to be as straight forward as we would hope. Listen out for hints that may be dropped during conversations and think out side of the box. Expensive gifts don’t always mean successful gifts and personable thought trails can lead to some great ideas. I love the idea behind adventure & travel along side a small personal gift.

Tip 3 – Make an effort.

Whether it be an evening of drinks a meal for two or a cosy night in with your loved one making an effort in your appearance should never be over looked, make your partner feel special by dressing up for her, putting in that extra effort will go along way trust me. It may also spark its own romance on its own merit.

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