Ali Gordon

Trust Your Future Self

Like many of us I can get lost when scrolling through social platforms. Endless content and a good chance that I’m going to find something that will make laugh, make me cry or make me think.

The later came about this week when I saw a quote that someone reposted from a podcast they hosted. They said that they’d had someone on their show who was a clinical psychologist and that they had been chatting about anxiety and worry.

As they were discussing it, apparently the psychologist gave a comment that the host (the person who posted about this) said has stuck with them ever since. Now this was in reference to worry/anxiety.

“The version of you that will handle that tough thing – if or when it happens – will be born into existence in that moment…trust your future self to handle future problems”.

I love that line “trust your future self to handle future problems”. Maybe that’s where a lot of our anxieties and worries manifest themselves, in self doubt.

Of course it’s very easy to worry about something because you’re not sure what you’ll do if it happens or how you’ll cope, but (as this quote address’s) that is a perception perhaps based on your current self and your current selfs ability to deal with that supposed future situation.

The truth is who knows how you will develop or think in future and therefore how you will address future problems. My take from it is don’t let potential future problems get in the way of now and trust your future self to deal with things. If you need examples to fill you with confidence about this… just look how far you’ve already come in your life.


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